Claudio’s kitchen is specked with gadgets that makes it fun and easy to cook – like the teppanyaki plate, the custom-made sink for rinsing his freshly caught seafood and the convenient pop-up power plug for work or the elegant bar area for his poker nights. DK Design Kitchens has designed a kitchen that has become the new meeting point.


“Cooking is ingrained in my DNA, drawing from my Italian roots where my grandmother’s expansive marble bench top always served as the heart of our gatherings. Inspired by those cherished memories, I envisioned a kitchen that would foster warm gatherings with family and friends. Thanks to DK Design Kitchens, my dream became a reality — a kitchen equipped with an array of convenient gadgets. As a passionate cook, I spend countless hours in this space. The specialized sink allows me to fillet my freshly caught fish, while the teppanyaki pan has become my go-to for preparing most of our meals. To add a touch of elegance, the kitchen boasts enchanting lighting that enhances its beauty and ambiance. I am now making sure memories are being created in this stunning kitchen for the next generation.” Claudio, Freshwater